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Star Wars Rocks! (Again)

Ok, so it turns out my second new print of the year is also Star Wars related! Fans of the original trilogy will remember these weird musical characters from the New Hope episode IV. So here’s my take on what a Cantina Band tour poster might look like. Based on a previous digital print I did many years a go.

This 3 colour hand pulled screen print measures 50cm x 70cm (approx) and is printed on 250gsm acid free art stock. Each print is signed & numbered and is strictly limited to an edition of only 250 so once they’re gone they’re gone.

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Kong Strikes Back!!

Ok, so here’s my first print of 2016 and surprise, surprise it’s Star Wars influenced ;)

Originally I was going to use the Empire State Building as in the King Kong film, but on consideration I think the Crysler building is more beautiful. So I hope you enjoy my little Star Wars/King Kong mash up!

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