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I got the idea for this one while I was working on the the Google ‘Those Droids’ screen print, I particularly like R2 D2s afro ;-)

This 2 colour hand pulled screen print measures 42cm x 59cm (approx) and is printed on 220gsm acid free art stock. Each print is signed & numbered and is strictly limited to an edition of 250 so as always once they’re gone they’re gone.

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No man goes before his time…

A classic quote from the late great Grouch Marx. This is my first attempt at a traditional letterpress print since I left art college. I’d forgotten how time consuming it is, especially if your dyslexic! But there’s no beating the look that you get from it.

This 2 colour hand made print measures 34cm x 44cm (approx) and is printed on high quality acid free 270gsm art stock. These signed & numbered prints are strictly limited to 100 copies, and as always once they’re gone they’re gone!

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