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I love Jon Stewart

I’m secure enough in my heterosexual status to admit to having a bit of a ‘man crush’ on one Jon Stewart. For those of you who don’t know, Jon Stewart is the host of The Daily Show (an American late night satirical television program on Comedy Central). Describing itself as a fake news programme it typically opens with a long, usually funny and sometimes angry monologue from Jon Stewart relating to recent headlines.

More4 (where it airs in the U.K.) announced before Christmas that it would not be renewing the licence to the Daily Show. Now, I’ve never written a letter of complaint to a television station before but I’m very tempted, if only I could be arsed.

So here is my little tribute to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.

Each print measures 32cm x 43cm (approx) and is screen printed on high quality 200gsm art stock. These signed & numbered prints are strictly limited to 150 copies, and are for sale at £25 each.

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