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About me

About me:

I was born in 1974 in Loughborough a small town in deepest, darkest, middle England. I was creative from an early age, usually making some sort of space ship from empty washing up liquid bottles and such. But it wasn’t until my secondary school art teacher Mrs Sheffield gave me a sketchbook and pencil for doing well on my homework that I realised that I actually had some talent.

This is me:

Quite a few years later, armed with a third class degree I sold my creative soul and now work as a Graphic designer and Illustrator for  ‘the man’ which pays the bills, just. So to keep my sanity I paint, draw and make stuff that I like.

This is my desk:

My inspiration mainly comes from contemporary culture and almost anything sci-fi. There‘s no deep meaning or conceptual theory to my art, I’m just not that clever – I’m really just a big kid at heart. I work in a variety of styles and mediums, it just depends on what I think would suit the subject, and whether I fancy having a go at something new.

Click on the Gallery at the top if you want to browse my pictures, or just visit the homepage and browse through the blog chronologically. Most of my work is for sale either as original one offs or as limited edition prints, so if you would like to purchase one of my works or offer me a dream job or just say hi, click on the contact page.